Poll Shows North Dakota As The Only Non-New England State Rooting For Patriots In Super Bowl

There will only be one state other than the New England region with the majority of its people hoping for a Patriots win in the Super Bowl, and it will surprise you.

A Geotagged Twitter data census conducted bybetonline.ag after the AFC and NFC Championship games revealed that North Dakota was the only state that favored the Pats over the Eagles.

The popular sports gambling site used its software to collect over 500,000 bits of data to come to a conclusion, mapped via an electronic tag from where the hit social media was geographically sent out.


North Dakota had 1,400 tweets in favor of the Patriots, compared to 1,100 in favor of the Eagles, according to the compiled Twitter data.

For the state of Minnesota, whose Vikings were defeated in the NFC Championship game by Philadelphia, data show 2,300 tweets were favored the Eagles, with only 950 for the Patriots.

In total, 438,070 tweets were in favor of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, with only 126,230 picking the Patriots.

North Dakotans rooting for the Patriots comes as a shock considering Philadelphia’s quarterback, granted injured, is the pride and joy of North Dakota State University.

Carson Went also grew up and went to high school in Bismarck.

Perhaps they’re rooting for the Eagles to stumble without Wentz, helping his MVP consideration.

(WDAY 6 ABC News)

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