Many Hall of Fame Players Believe Tom Brady Is The Greatest Of All-Time

This speaks volume.

The debate of who the greatest of all time is a huge debate but as Tom Brady continues to shatter not only individual allocates, but team allocates, it’s tough to argue when someone indeed says that Tom Brady is the greatest of all-time.

And that’s exactly what’s happening amongst the NFL Hall of Fame family.


NFL writer Dov Kleiman has putt together a list of yellow jacket holders who have gone on record to state that the Patriots quarterback is the best to ever do it and the list includes quarterbacks and defensive greats:

Emmitt Smith: “The best quarterback ever to play the game is Tom Brady, in my opinion. Without a doubt.”

Deion Sanders: “It’s the Brady era. You can’t get no better than that.”

Michael Irvin: “All of us living should understand how blessed we are to be in this moment while he’s doing what he’s doing. I say yes to comparing him to [Michael] Jordan, and I think what he’s doing is more difficult.”

Jerry Rice: “I always felt Jim Brown was the best ever. But Tom Brady, you have to put him up there.”

Jim Kelly: “The best. No doubt.”

Troy Aikman: “It was always an easy answer, it was Joe Montana. Now . . . I’ve changed my tune. I think [Brady is] the greatest to play our sport.”

Shannon Sharpe: “Tom Brady is the greatest football player in the 97-year history of the NFL.”

Hard to argue.