Tom Brady’s Baby Mama Bridget Moynahan Congratulates Nick Foles On twitter During Super Bowl

The Patriots trailed the Eagles during the majority of Super Bowl LII, and Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan made sure to cleverly troll her former beau while the game was going on.

Moynahan dated the Patriots quarterback from 2004-06, and also gave birth to a child in August 2007, with Brady being the father. She raised the boy by herself, and appears to still be a bit bitter about it. Check out what she tweeted during the second half of the game.


Notice that there was no mention of Brady, who ended up throwing for 505 yards, while Foles — who also turned in a stellar performance — ended up with 373.

Foles ended up winning Super Bowl MVP, and it’s safe to say that Moynahan was happy about it.

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