Richard Sherman Says Legal Action Will Be Considered If Eric Reid Isn’t Signed

Former 49ers safety Eric Reid is one of the first players to join Colin Kaepernick in protesting during the National Anthem and because of that, Reid believes that will steer teams away from him.

Reid, who played both free safety and strong safety as well as some linebacker remains a free agent despite being one of the best available players at his position and that has some thinking he might be getting the same treatment Colin Kaepernick is receiving.

Newly signed 49ers CB Richard Sherman met with the media earlier this week and was asked about the Eric Reid situation and his response was very telling:



“We are concerned, because he played at a high level for just about every year that he’s played in this league,” Sherman said, via quotes distributed by the team. “He’s made enough plays to be signed with a team and to make his money. He deserves his money. Safeties make a certain amount. I would think he’s top-five, top-10 safeties in this league so he deserves to be paid accordingly. So, there is concern there, because you would think a player of his caliber and his quality would be picked up by now. I think great teams are still looking and people are still looking for players. I’m praying that he gets picked up, but if he doesn’t, then I think there will be a conversation with the league office and the union on potential league action.”

It does seem odd that Reid remains a free agent, it’s even more disturbing that he has yet to receive any interest from a plethora of teams that could use his services.

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