Patriots’ Julian Edelman May Have Prevented A School Shooting From Taking Place

Julian Edelman may have saved another school shooting.

The Patriots receiver was in Texas visiting his former teammate Danny Amendola when he received a direct message on his Instagram account from a fan saying the following:


Edelman, instantly thought of the mass shooting five weeks earlier in Parkland, Fl., where 17 peopel where killed:

“With the emotions of what happened, and I have a kid now, I said, holy Toledo, what is going on?”

He quickly notified his assistant in Boston, who through look the hundreds of comments that were on Edelman’s post on Instagram. She, eventually found the scary message:

Edelman’s assistant, Shannon Moen immediately called 911 and a police officer soon arrived and saw the screen shot. The detectives on the scene collected some information about the person who posted the threat. They then returned to their office, where they made an emergency records request, which allowed them to determine the sender’s email and IP address, which was traced to Port Huron, Michigan.

The detectives called the police in Michigan, who immediately drove to the house where the threatening message came from. When the police arrived at the address, they arrested a 14-year old, who admitted to posting the threat. They also found two rifles that belonged to his mother, according to Capt. Joseph Platzer of the Port Huron Police Dept.

Platzer says the 14-year old boys threat was aimed at the Middle School he attended. The boy was taken o a juvenile-detention center, where he was charged with making a false report of a threat of terrorism, a felony that is punishable by up to four years in jail.

Edelman’s assistant notified him about the arrest and Edelman reached out to the person who sent him the direct message to thank him for helping notify him about the threat.

Moen has reacehd out to that person, but so far there has been no reply.

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