Sketch Of Man Who Stormy Daniels Says Threatened Her In 2011 Looks Eerily Close To 2011 Tom Brady

Stormy Daniels’ relations with President Donald Trump have been one of the leading news stories in recents months.

The pornographic actress who had sex with the then married reality TV show star, was allegedly told to keep quiet about their previous encounters around the time of the 2017 Presidential Election, even going as far as saying she was given a monetary payout of hush money. Daniels says she was even approached by a man at night in a Las Vegas parking lot threatening her safety over the matter.

Though it happened in 2011, Daniels says she remembers the face vividly, and has now paired with a sketch artist to recreate the face of the man who did it.


After having it released to the public on Tuesday, the internet soon realized that the sketch looks eerily similar to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (ironically a supporter of Trump himself) circa 2011.


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