Sean Lee Fires Back At Dez Bryant For Calling Him A Snake During Twitter Rant

On Friday, Dez Bryant went off on his former teammates and coaches when Cowboys VP Stephen Jones blamed Dez for being in Dak Prescott’s ear and demanding the ball:

“[Dak Prescott] has got to trust the system, which at times last year, there was pressure, with Dez in his ear and to some degree Jason [Witten] in his ear. Those great players want the ball.”

Dez responded:

During his Twitter rant, Bryant took a shot at former teammate Sean Lee by calling him “Snake Lee” and blaming him for pushing for his release from the Cowboys.


On Saturday, Lee was asked about Bryant’s comments and issued this response where he adits he wanted Bryant to be more accountable during his tenure in Dallas:

First thing to say, that I can get anybody off the team and have any input on a roster is absurd,” Lee said on the practice field, answering only one question. “The second thing [is] I love Dez, and I want the best for him.

“You know, to be honest, we did butt heads, because I wanted Dez to be more accountable to this team and his teammates. To be honest with you, a lot of the team felt that way. I think he needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable.”

Bryant remains a free agent but according to reports, the Browns are pushing hard to get the former Cowboys WR signed.