86-Year-Old Raiders Fan Gets In Face Of Mark Davis, Yells At Him For Moving Team To Las Vegas

Mark Davis has been owner of the Oakland Raiders since 2011. Al Davis was owner of the team from 1972 until then. He was the coach of the Raiders prior to that. Loren Piper has seen it all with his own eyes. That’s because Piper, a season ticket holder since 1963, has been a fan of the Raiders for longer than most of us have been alive.

Piper will miss his first Oakland home game sine 1963 due to Davis’ decision to move the team from Oakland to Las Vegas, and he isn’t happy about it. At a recent appearance with Raiders fans, Davis, Piper got in the face of the owner, explaining why the Raiders will always be the ‘Oakland’ Raiders.

(Video via Chris Leighton)

Here’s another angle of the heated discussion: