Shannon Sharpe Destroys Kelvin Benjamin, Says The Buffet, Not Cam Is The Reason He’s Out Of A Job

(Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports)

The Carolina Panthers sent Kelvin Benjamin packing for Buffalo last season, a receiver at one point had the potential to be one of the most feared players in the minds of defensive coordinators in the NFL.

That was until the 6’5″ 245lb. receiver came into training camp in 2017 weighing a whopping 285lbs., looking more like a tight end than the fast, slender WR he once was.

It wasn’t the weight gain though that Benjamin pointed towards for his downfall in Carolina, but rather his MVP-winning quarterback in Cam Newton.

In an interview with The Athletic, Benjamin went so far as to say that any quarterback would be better to play with than Newton, saying he’s inaccurate and unknowledgeable.


As the league reacted to Benjamin’s harsh comments, FS1’s Shannon Sharpe had other ideas as to why Benjamin fell off, saying “the buffet”, not Cam Newton was the reason.