Adidas & Puma Reportedly Tried Signing Colin Kaepernick Before Nike Did

With Nike signing Colin Kaepernick to a contract extension and releasing an advertisement with him as the face of it, many consumers are turning towards other companies to purchase their footwear, including Adidas and Puma. They are in for some bad news.

According to reports, other giants in the market including Adidas and Puma tried to swoop in and sign the former 49ers quarterback to a contract before Nike extended him.


Per Inquisitr, one shoe industry executive said, “We talked about Colin in March. A lot, actually. We all know the specific kind of deals NFL players are on with each other. His deal was running out and he had a shoe commitment that hadn’t been done for whatever reason. I’m sure it was because of everything that was going on around him. But it looked like Nike was running out the clock on [his deal] because he didn’t have a lot of time left and nothing was really happening with him. So there were some discussions for us about what kind of an endorser he could be. It’s apparent that, you know, even though he isn’t playing, he’s still connecting with a lot of people. I also think he’s exponentially more popular, and in some cases unpopular, than he ever was in the NFL.”

Kaepernick’s deal with Nike includes that of a future shoe and apparel, which will branch out to more products if the merchandise does well.