REPORT: NFL Privately Apologized To Jets For Missing Holding Penalty On Browns Two-Point Conversion

The New York Jets suffered an embarrassing 21-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns last Thursday night thanks to the brilliance of No. 1 overall pick, Baker Mayfield.

One of the more memorable moments came when the Browns executed a perfect two-point conversion attempt with Mayfield catching a pass from Duke Johnson.

But that play would have never taken place if Jets CB Mo’ Claiborne was not penalized for holding in the first attempt, a play where Mayfield was eventually sacked.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the NFL privately informed the Jets that the ‘Cleveland Special’ play should have never taken place because the holding call on Claiborne should have never been called:

Who knows how the game would have ended up but one thing is for sure, Jets fans won’t be happy with this.