After Donating Entire 2017 Salary, Chris Long Will Donate 1/4 Of His 2018 Salary To Education Programs

The Eagles paid Chris Long a million dollars last year for his services on the football field and Long pocketed not a penny for that money, opting to help the community by donating his entire salary. The craziest part? He wasn’t done there.

Long, back with the Eagles will donating a quarter of his salary this season to support education. With the defensive end earning $2,500,000, that’s nearly $700.000.

The two-time Super Bowl champion will put the money towards early literacy program in the city of Philadelphia, setting a goal for himself to get 75,000 books in the hands of children by the time they reach 4th grade, allowing them to learn to read for a better future.


Long announced the news on Twitter.

The charitable efforts follow not just his salary donation from the 2017 season, but mission trips to Africa Long helped lead in this offseason.

The world could use more people like Chris Long.