Woman Arrested After Firing Gun Shots At Two Men Over Dallas Cowboys Blanket

You can’t make this stuff up.

Over the weekend, a woman fired gun shots at two men who were attempting to recover a Dallas Cowboys blanket that belonged to her friend, according to Laredo Police.

Adriana Marcelina Pellum was charged with discharging a firearm and was released on $500 bond the next day, according to Webb County records.


Here’s how the situation unfolded, per LMTonline.com:

An investigation revealed that the woman, Pellum, had fired shots when two men arrived in a vehicle. They tried to get into the property to recover a Dallas Cowboys blanket, according to police.

Pellum allegedly fired the gun once to scare them away. A man who was at the house recovered the weapon and placed it in the living room. Officers said they seized the black 9mm Smith and Wesson.

Pellum stated the two men had been harassing her over a Dallas Cowboys blanket she had taken from a friend of the two men, according to police.

Police spoke to the owner of the blanket. He alleged that Pellum took the blanket from his friend. The two men were supposed to get it for him, according to police.”

Some people just love their team a little too much.