Max Kellerman Says Giants Need To Sign Colin Kaepernick And Bench Eli Manning

The New York Giants are at a crossroads as an organization. They face the difficult dilemma of replacing long-time starting quarterback, Eli Manning who clearly looks like a shell of himself and it’s becoming clear that the Giants need to find his heir apparent as soon as possible.

First Take co-host and life-long Giants fan Max Kellerman has an idea.

Kellerman believes the Giants should sign free agent Colin Kaepernick and start him late in the season. But Kellerman isn’t calling Kaepernick the heir apparent to Eli, instead more of a stop-gap quarterback until the team draft’s a quarterback in the first round of the 2019 Draft.

Here’s Kellerman’s full plan:

Kellerman points to Kaepernick’s ability to extend plays with his mobility, something that Eli Manning has lacked throughout his entire career.

The Giants are coming off a 34-13 embarrassing loss to the Eagles.