Fortnite Announces Partnership With NFL, Debuts Uniforms That Will Be Available In The Game

What two things in the United States are more popular amongst our youth than Fortnite and football.

It was announced Monday morning that the gaming franchise behind Fortnite, Epic Games, has struck a partnership the NFL that will bring NFL team “skins” to the game.

The deal will allow gamers to dress their characters in the full NFL uniform of their choice, customizable down to their jersey name and number.


“It’s just a way to bring some fun and some pop culture relevance to the game,” the NFL’s VP and head of gaming & eSports Rachel Hoagland notes after the news broke.

The game gave us a sneak preview of what the characters will look like doing their signature dances in their new uniforms.

The skins will coming available via the in-game shop this Friday. The skins will reportedly have a price point between $12 and $15, similar to the cost of the other outfits available in the store.