The First City To Receive An XFL Team In 2020 Has Been Revealed

With the Rams arguably the best team in the NFL just two years removed from having ‘St. Louis’ in front of their name, the hurt in the hearts of football fans in eastern Missouri has presumably traveled even deeper. This may help ease some of the pain.

The XFL has announced that the league will bring a team to St. Louis as part of its revival in 2020, one of eight cities around the nation that will receive teams. The other seven are expected to be announced sometime next week.

The second iteration of the XFL is a brainchild of wrestling icon Vince McMahon, who is spending hundreds of millions to begin a safer yet more entertaining brand of football to hopefully compete with the NFL.

Each team will play 10 games in their inaugural season come 2020, and for St. Louis, five of those will be held Dome at America’s Center, the former home of the Rams.

With St. Louis having been announced, perhaps other cities which were stripped of or no longer wanted to pay for their NFL teams could be the destinations for XFL franchises. San Diego perhaps? Oakland? Only time will tell.