Cleveland Police Gave A Horrible Excuse For Not Looking At Kareem Hunt Video

The Kansas City Chiefs released running back Kareem Hunt on Friday night, hours after TMZ released an obtained video of Hunt shoving and kicking a women in a Cleveland hotel in February.

Many people wondered why it took so long for the video to surface and why, yet again it’s TMZ being able to obtain the video and the NFL unable to do so. In addition to that, many people wonder why Kareem Hunt wasn’t arrested and charged with assault after seeing the footage on the tape of Hunt shoving and kicking the female.

According to USA Today:


Cleveland police spokesperson Jennifer Ciaccia told USA TODAY Sports in an email Saturday that while the police reports noted surveillance footage of the incident existed, “detectives only follow up on felonies. This is a misdemeanor.” Ciaccia also said nobody within the department – including the offerers who responded to the incident – had reviewed the video until TMZ posted the footage. 

​​According to the Cleveland police department, detectives did not follow up on the video because the charges against Hunt were only a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

That excuse further proves what many advocates for domestic violence survivors often say that Police simply don’t prioritize these investigations.