Newly Released Police Report Says Kareem Hunt Kicked & Assaulted Another Victim During Nightclub Fight In January

Kareem Hunt was let go by the Kansas City Chiefs last week following video of an assault on a 19-year-old woman was released by TMZ.

In the video, the running back could be seen shoving and kicking the victim in a Cleveland hotel, but apparently this behavior isn’t out of the norm for Hunt.

TMZ, who obtained the video of the original incident, has now gotten their hands on a police report filed by a man who claims he was brutally attacked by Kareem Hunt in a nightclub back in January.

According to the report, the accuser claims he was at Mosaic nightclub in Kansas City around 2 AM on January 7 when he say his friend getting shoved by three men, one of which was George Atkinson, formerly of the Chiefs. The victim says he then confronted Atkinson, who turned and punched him. After attempting to defend himself by fighting back, Atkinson and his crew, which included Kareem Hunt, allegedly beat the man unconscious.

He told police he was treated for cuts, bruises, contusions and a broken rib at the North Kansas City Hospital emergency room.

The man told cops he did not want to file the report but his family members convinced him it was the right thing to do.

The allegedly incident if proven true mark the third violent act Hunt’s been behind just this year, including assault the women in the infamous video and a separate incident where Hunt punched a man at an Ohio resort in June 2018.