Bengals’ Geno Atkins Surprises 50+ Families By Paying Off House, Medical & Tuition Bills For Holidays

While some families are splurging on decorations, vacations and gifts this holiday season, others are not so fortunate, trying to make due with mounting mortgages, medical bills, and tuition fees.

Enter Geno Atkins.

The Pro Bowl Bengals defensive tackle is spending this holiday season relieving those burdens for over 50 families, paying off bills and taking families on shopping sprees.

In what they dubbed the Atkins Week of Giving, Atkins and his wife are announcing multiple deserving families every day on Twitter along with means in which others can help out with donations themselves.

Atkins may have 7 sacks and 35 tackles (9 for a loss) this season, but this is undoubtably the achievement most worth cheering for.