Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky Got Off Social Media To Improve His Mental Health

This is a smart move by Mitchell Trubisky.

Social media is a great tool that brings many together and helps sports fans stay connected with heir favorite team but at the same time, it can be a toxic place.

Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky is getting set to play in his first career playoff game and one thing he hasn’t done all 2018 was get on social media, which he credits as to why he’s gotten better as a player and a leader.


Trubisky says that when he struggled as a rookie in 2017, he’d sometimes look on Twitter to se how people would drag him about how much he sucks and that would wear on him and take his focus away from getting better.

Getting off social media this year has put him in a better mental place.

“I know what that did to me when I let those voices get inside,” he told ESPN. “It was not good for my mental health. People are one keystroke away from accessing you. Why would I allow people who know nothing about me to have an opinion? Why would I allow them to have that space in my mind?”

“If you’re conscious of something, then you’re also in control,” Trubisky said. “And that also takes me back to the social media thing — always being in control of your time and your thoughts. Don’t let people on the outside take control. You’re in control of your time, and how you’re working, and your peace of mind, and how you sleep at night.”

There are some other NFL players, primarily from Pittsburgh that should follow this.