T.Y. Hilton Shows Up To Playoff Game In Houston Dressed As Clown After Getting Called One By Texans

If there’s one matchup to watch during Saturday Colts-Texans Wild Card matchup, it’s Indianapolis WR T.Y. Hilton and Houston cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

The two have been taking shots at each other through the media, as well as on social media in the week leading up to today’s game, but Hilton might have thrown the knockout punch.

Hilton has performed well over the course of his career playing at NRG Stadium in Houston, the site of Saturday’s game, hauling in 41 passes for 933 yards and 7 touchdowns. Hilton went for 199 yards in the Colts’ 24-21 victory on Dec. 9., even going as far to the stadium as his “second home” after that game. Johnathan Joseph didn’t take well to that.

Joseph told reporters, Nah, man, that’s for clowns. That’s for TV. That’s what they do. You put something in their face, anybody can say it.

Guess what T.Y. Hilton showed up to today’s game dressed as? You guessed it.