Super Bowl LIII Had The Worst Ratings For A Super Bowl In A Decade

Although the NFL likely had the matchup they wanted given the circumstances with Tom Brady and Patriots facing off in a Super Bowl against the high-flying, entertaining Rams from the second biggest market in the league, fans had a different perspective.

With a worst-case scenario Super Bowl matchup with the Pats fatigue playing a team that has a seemingly non-existent fan base having relocated just two years ago, the game fell flat on it’s face for everyone watching both before the game and during it.

The lack of interest prior to the game was followed by a 13-3 snooze fest, the second lowest scoring Super Bowl ever. With folks mentally tuning out everywhere, the television ratings suffered.

Here is how Super Bowl LIII compared to the Super Bowls of recent years:

2019: 44.9 (Pats-Rams, CBS)

2018: 47.4 (Eagles-Pats, NBC)

2017: 48.8 (Pats-Falcons, Fox)

2016: 49.0 (Broncos-Panthers, CBS)

2015: 49.7 (Pats-Seahawks, 49.7)