NFL Won’t Invite Top NFL Draft Prospect Jaylon Ferguson To Combine Because Of Fight At McDonald’s Four Years Ago

The NFL can’t be serious about this.

Lousiana Tech defensive end Jaylen Ferguson is one of the best prospects in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. Ferguson set the NCAA record for most career sacks by a defensive player, breaking Terrelle Suggs previous record.

Many mock drafts across various media platforms have Ferguson going in the first round, some even in the top ten.

But because of a fight that happened four years ago at a McDonald’s, the NFL is disinviting Ferguson from the NFL Combine:

The NFL has rescinded Louisiana Tech DE Jaylon Ferguson’s invitation to the combine after a background check turned up an old battery conviction.

Ferguson was convicted of simple battery his freshman year after a fight at McDonald’s resulted in a deferred judgment and a $189 fine, according to his agent, Safarrah Lawson.

In 2016, the NFL put into effect a rule that states that prospective players who have been convicted on domestic violence, sexual assault or weapons charges are not allowed to attend the NFL scouting combine or draft.

This news comes in as former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was given a second chance a couple months after a video surfaced of him kicking a female in a hotel lobby, but we get it, the NFL has a zero tolerance policy for fighting in a McDonald’s.