REPORT: Chances Of Colin Kaepernick Landing On NFL Roster “Higher Now” After Settlement

Colin Kaepernick’s grievance case against the NFL came to an end last week when he shockingly settled with the league as reports surfaced that his lawyer, Mark Garages had some pretty embarrassing information on the league that they didn’t want to get out into the public.

Now that the league stuff is behind us, it seems like the former 49ers quarterback is poised to finally make a return to the league, according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report:

If there is one big takeaway from the news that Colin Kaepernick and the NFL settled their collusion case, it is this: The chances we’ll see Kaepernick back on an NFL sideline are higher now than at any time since he opted out of his deal with the Niners almost two years ago.

The fact that the odds are above zero is remarkable since not long ago it appeared virtually impossible that he’d be back in the NFL, not with the attention his stance for social justice drew or with a standing lawsuit against the league.

And while the end of that suit will allow Kaepernick to pursue a return to the league with a lot less rancor in the air, an equally important development is the fact that the NFL no longer has reason to fear repercussions from President Donald Trump.

Mark Garages told CNN that he predicts his client would land a job in the NFL pretty soon, naming the Panthers and the reigning defending champion New England Patriots as potential fits.