Aaron Rodgers On Other QBs Out-Chugging Him: “Finally A Talent They’re Better Than Me At”

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t started his 2019 campaign just yet, but he took an L during the offseason when he was shown on the big screen during a Milwaukee Bucks Eastern Conference Finals game pathetically attempting to chug a beer.

Not only did Rodgers get put on blast for the weak chug, but other quarterbacks around the league showed Rodgers how to properly chug a beer when they were shown on the video boards of games they were at in the following days.

Rodgers might retracted his L though after the Packers quarterback roasted those other QBs during an interview where he was asked on the matter, saying, ” As for as those other guys [you know], for some of them, there’s finally a talent [you know] where they can say they’re better than me at.”