First Ever MLB Game In London Had Higher Score Than First Ever NFL Game In London

If you heard that Boston had beaten New York 17-13 in London, you may have thought the Patriots topped the Giants or Jets. Considering it’s not football season, that may been some cause for confusion.

Following in the footsteps of the NFL in expanding interest of the sport past the boards of the United States, Major League Baseball has begun playing games in London.

The NFL held its first ever regular season game in London back in 2007, with the Giants and Dolphins facing off in Wembley Stadium. New York won that game 13-10; 23 points were scored.

Through the first 6 innings in the first ever MLB game in London (Yankees/Red Sox), 24 runs were scored, more points than the entire first NFL game.


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  2. The most interesting thing about major baseball league is that it is being taken place outside the USA very first time in history in London which is generally considered the father of Cricket which was inaugurated between two titans. Baseball is very popular in United States and Europe but In England Cricket and football widely dominates as compare to other sports

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