Tom Brady Runs Faster 40-Yard Dash At Age 41 Than He Did At Age 23

It seems like the entire NFL, especially the AFC East, is waiting for Tom Brady to retire in order to have any shot at winning a Super Bowl. This isn’ a good sign.

The New England Patriots quarterback has seemingly defied father time, playing at an MVP level into his 40s in a league with 6’6″ 300lb. men fast enough to chase down running backs trying to flatten him on every play. Beyond all the diet restrictions Brady follows and voodoo-like training and stretching regimens, we now have numbers to prove Brady is not only not aging, but actually getting better.

Not that he’s known for his mobility, but while training for the upcoming 2019 season, the 41-year-old Brady ran a faster 40-yard dash than he did almost two decades ago when he was drafted at age 23.

Here’s a side-by-side of Brady running the 40 at the 2000 NFL Combine (which in all fairness is setting the bar fairly low) next to Brady running a 40 while training this summer…

Brady also taunted his doubters with a picture of the radar gun showing the zip he still has on his balls.


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