Waves Caused By Hurricane Dorian Are Washing Up Bricks Of Cocaine On Florida Beaches

Chris Foerester is probably having a field day right now at the beaches in Florida right now.

Cocaine being brought ashore in Southern Florida is not by any stretch of the imagination rare, but this time, it’s not being brought by smugglers, but rather Hurricane Dorian.

Florida police found multiple bricks of cocaine on two Florida beaches this week, washed up via waves from the massive Category 5 storm.

A beachgoer at Paradise Beach Park in Melbourne, FL flagged down an officer upon finding a brick wrapped in plastic. A photo shows the 1 kilo brick with the word “diamant” written on the front.

According to CBS News, the police also found 25 kilos of cocaine at Cocoa Beach, 20 miles north of where the other brick was found. A police sergeant told NBC News that 15 bricks of cocaine were found in a duffel bag there and handed over to US Customs and Border Protection.