Leaked Direct Messages Suggest Antonio Brown Is Being Extorted With Fake Sexual Assault Claim

Oh look, more drama involving Antonio Brown.

Hours after his release from the Oakland Raiders, a video surfaced on Twitter showing a series of messages between Antonio Brown (via his Instagram) and an unnamed individual who says they have audio from a personal trainer that is supposedly extorting the newly signed Patriots receiver over false allegations of rape.

Here are screen shots of the DMs:

Via Popculture:

โ€œWhile this interaction could be on the โ€œup and up,โ€ there are some factors that make it appear to be slightly shady. For example, Brown is shown asking for the identity of this mysterious lady during the conversation, but she will only say that her name is Janet. Additionally, he asks to video chat, but she declines due to being in a car with other people.

Finally, Janet also alludes to the Oakland Raiders having knowledge of these rape claims and wanting to leak the information to the world. According to the conversation, a security guard could be the source of potential rumors.โ€

As of now, this is just a rumor coming from an unnamed source but definitely something to monitor going forward as Brown begins his career with the New England Patriots.