Ravens Release Close-Up Video Of Marlon Humphrey And Odell Beckham Jr’s Fight

During Sunday’s Browns-Ravens game in Baltimore, Marlon Humphrey and Odell Beckham Jr got into it and cameras seemed to have caught Humphrey choking Odell Beckham.

Today, the Ravens are claiming that while both did go at, Humphrey did not choke OBJ.

They released this close-up video to prove their point:

The Ravens also claimed that Beckham initiated the brawl by throwing punches:

Odell Beckham Jr. definitely punched Marlon Humphrey – also grabbing the cornerback’s facemask, attempting a sweeping leg kick and pulling him to the ground.
Humphrey definitely did not choke Beckham.
Instead, Humphrey did what he’s coached to do: protect himself, all while holding on to Beckham’s jersey the entire time.

Both players were flagged but neither were ejected.