Social Media Feels Like They’ve Uncovered Antonio Brown’s MULTIPLE Burner Accounts

Antonio Brown has been very active on Twitter.

He’s used his Twitter account to take aim at his critics, announce new endorsement deals and retire and unretire from the NFL.

But when Antonio Brown is not on his official Twitter account releasing his emotions, AB might be using another one in its place.

Cowboys writer Marcus Mosher along with many others on Twitter believe that they’ve uncovered AB’s burner account:


Here are some of the tweets from the Twitter account that will make you think that ‘Tav581111115’ is indeed, Antonio Brown:

The account has dedicated an enormous amount of time to defend Brown, who doesn’t really have many supporters right now.

Here are some more tweets if you’re still not convinced:

Aside from that handle is another Twitter handle @Guv71146561 which has been created today as well and it looks to be yet another Antonio Brown burner account:

These are the most obvious burner accounts you’ll ever see!