Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless Could Reunite On ESPN’s ‘First Take’

The band could be getting back together again.

Two years ago, television personality Skip Bayless left his longtime gig at ESPN in favor for a better paying job at FOX Sports where he hosted a spin-off of “First Take” called “Undisputed”.

According to Front Office Sports, Skip could reunite with former co-host Stephen A. Smith in Bristol.



Bayless’ current contract with Fox Sports expires in 2020, said sources. Smith refers to Bayless as his “brother from another mother.” The former “First Take” sparring partners could reunite on the “Embrace Debate” morning show that turned them both into national stars.

“They both want to make it happen. I’m just not sure ESPN will hit Fox’s number,” said one source.

However, another source said the mantra of Mark Silverman, Fox’s president of national networks, has been cost control. Disney’s ESPN, on the other hand, is still willing to break the bank for on-air talents who move the needle.

Warned one TV executive: “The era of modern sports talent is here. The top 1% will make the big money. The middle will go away. And low paying talent will fill out the grid.”

Both Fox and ESPN declined to comment on Smith and Bayless’ respective contract situations.