REPORT: NFL Games Were 41 Of The 50 Most-Watched Television Broadcasts Of 2019

FYI: The NFL is not dying.

Of the 50 most-watched television broadcasts of 2019, 41 of them were NFL games.

Of course, the most-watched broadcast is Super Bowl 53 but the lists also includes of regular season games that were more entertaining than anything else.

Here’s the entire list, per Ad Age:

The nine programs that were not NFL games included the State of the Union, the President’s Border Address, the Academy Awards, the College Football National Championship Game, one College Football Playoff game, Game 7 of the World Series an episode of The World’s Best that CBS aired immediately following the Super Bowl, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Grammy Awards.

NFL ratings were strong in 2018 but were even stronger in 2019. A big challenge the NFL is facing in 2020 is the presidential election as more viewers will be locked into the political race instead of sports.

As schedule now, there will be two presidential debates on when NFL games are played.