Carson Wentz Had Loss Of Memory And Trouble Sitting After Hit From Jadeveon Clowney

This is scary.

During last Sunday’s 17-9 win in Wild Card Weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney leveled Carson Wentz with a dirty hit.

Wentz left the game with a concussion, and we are now learning how severe the concussion really was.

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Derrick Gunn, Wentz not only suffered “brief loss of memory on the sideline” but he couldn’t remember minor details or hold intelligent conversations.


“According to sources close to the situation, Wentz had a brief loss of memory on the sideline. He couldn’t remember what happened or who the Eagles played the week before. While inside the blue medical tent, Wentz also had a little bit of trouble sitting in a stationary position.

Initially, when he came off the field, Wentz told Josh McCown that he wasn’t feeling right. That’s when the medical staff took him inside the blue tent on the sideline for further evaluation.”

The Eagles quarterback has since posted an update on his status on Monday and assured everyone he was “feeling fine.”