New Image Shows Yellow Line On TV Differed From Where The Official First Down Marker Was

The Packers-Seahawks game Sunday night didn’t end without controversy, as Green Bay was given a critical first down at the end of the game that sealed the win and a trip to the NFC Championship game for the Pack.

Pete Carroll, Seahawks players and fans alike where up in arms at the spot of the catch that picked up the first down, with Jimmy Graham appearing to be well short of the first down marker.

Only problem? That marker wasn’t displayed correctly on the telecast.


The yellow marker visible by the viewers at home is not used by officials on the field as is it not an official marker, escpially because in instances like this one, the line is displayed in the incorrect spot.

Graham did come up short of the yellow line, but one could see how the spot on the field stood after being reviewed in relation to the actual first down market.