Antonio Brown Shows Texts From Drew Rosenhaus Begging Him To Get Help, Blames Him For Everything

Nothing is ever Antonio Brown’s fault.

Earlier this week, Brown’s long-time agent, Drew Rosenhaus, parted ways with Brown, stating he will not work with Brown until he gets some help.

Rosenhaus said he will “rescind the termination if Brown secures appropriate counseling within the next five days,” per a report from Pro Football Talk.

Antonio Brown simply cannot take responsibility for his own actions.


Judging by Brown’s latest Instagram post, it doesn’t seem like that help is coming anytime soon. On Friday, Brown posted a screenshot of text messages between him and Rosenhaus that show his ex-agent begging him to get some help:

The text messages read:

“I’m trying to help you AB always have and always will. I will always be here to help you but you have to make changes for me to do so. I’m not going to comment on this. I will always speak positively about you. But I can’t help you if you won’t listen to my advice. I will still help you with the grievances versus the Patriots and Raiders even if I’m not your agent. I will always try to help you.”

Brown stated:

“[Rosenhaus] been fraud set me up with alot of bad workers put me in this position. They try to tell u they help u when u paying them.”

AB still doesn’t get it.