Christian Activist Suing The NFL For $867 Trillion After “Pornographic Halftime Show”

While most of America was left with their jaws dropped at the Super Bowl’s halftime show, some were left with their heads shaking.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez rocked the stage for their hot and spicy latin-inspired halftime performance during the big game in Miami on Sunday, and though most middle aged men enjoyed halftime more than the game, Dave Daubenmire was not one of them.

The Christian activist has his sites set on suing the NFL, Pepsi (the official sponsor of the halftime show), his cable company and possibly others for “piping pornography into his house” that night.

Daubenmire, a former Ohio high school football coach said that he turned in to watch a football game, when he and millions of minors around the country were forcefully subjected to “crotch grabbing”, and the NFL should have to pay for it.


He spoke on his ministries’ podcast series, noting that he plans to file a class-action lawsuit seeking $867 trillion.

Daudenmire also ranted on Facebook regarding the matter.