The Tennessee Titans Are Rumored To Be Favorites To Sign QB Tom Brady

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Since the New England Patriots season came to an end in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, the conversation about the Patriots have been centered around the future of Tom Brady. Rumors have been swirling that Brady could be headed to the west coast to play for either the Las Vegas Raiders or the Los Angeles Chargers, who are both moving into a new stadium in 2020.

It was even reported that the Raiders were gearing themselves to offer the 42-year-old Brady a $2-year, $60 million contract should he hit the free agent market.

However, during an appearance on The Rich Eisen show earlier this week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that his co-worker Jeff Darlington believes that the Titans are the favorites to land Brady this offseason.

Yes, the Titans.. the same team that eliminated the Patriots in the playoffs.


“He made (Tennessee) out to be more of an option than I realized it could be,” Schefter said. “In his mind, to rank the teams right now, it would be Tennessee, Las Vegas and New England. I think we all need to pay a little more attention here to Tennessee than we thought.”

A team like the Tennessee Titans makes a lot of sense for Brady; They have a strong defense to go along with a strong running game that would take a lot of pressure off Brady.

They are also coming off an AFC Championship Game berth.