Former NFL RB Chris Johnson Accused In Murder-For-Hire Shootings That Killed Two Men

First Joe Exotic went down, and now Chris Johnson may too.

According to TMZ, former NFL star RB Chris Johnson funding a murder-for-hire shooting that left two men dead in 2016.

Johnson has denied the claims but officials are reportedly finalizing their case against him.

The three-time Pro Bowl running back was involved in a shooting in the early hours of March 8 of 2015 in Orlando, FL, where Johnson nearly died after getting hit near his shoulder.

(Via TMZ)

Chris Johnson’s friend, Dreekius Johnson, was driving the vehicle and was struck as well, but wasn’t so lucky. Johnson died during the drive-by.

Officials now believe that Johnson rewarded fellow gang member Dominic Bolden with cash after he murdered the two men that were suspected in that incident in January of 2016.

According to the court documents, Johnson is alleged to have supplied Bolden with “funds and an individual who could continually supply Dominic Bolden with as many narcotics as he wanted as payment for the revenge crimes.