Roger Goodell Will Announce The First Round Picks Of The NFL Draft From His Basement

This year’s NFL Draft will be the first year that league commissioner Roger Goodell won’t be booed upon taking the stage to announce the first overall pick. That’s because well, there will be no stage.

On Monday morning’s edition of Football Morning in America, Peter King reported that Goodell will be announcing the opening selections from his basement.

Though the term “basement” is usually given a negative connotation, it’s likely that the basement in Goodell’s Bronxville, New York home is nicer than the house of most of the average Joes.

The players being selected will be at home as well and 58 of this year’s top prospects have been sent cameras that will capture their reaction to being picked.

The draft kicks off on April 23rd and will be broadcasted on both ESPN and NFL Network.

It’s now up to Goodell’s children to carry on the booing tradition.