2020 NFL Draft Demolishes Previous Record With 15.6 Million Viewers Tuning In To Watch

The 2020 NFL Draft was unprecedented in more ways than one.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the league was forced to hold the annual event virtually, with the telecast being hosted in Roger Goodell’s basement with live streams coming in from network hosts, analysts, players, coaches and GM’s homes.

With the draft being the first sporting event of sorts that most of us have had in over a month, and with fans at home with nothing to do but watch, the masses tuned in like never before.

According to ratings, Round 1 of the 2020 draft garnered a whopping 15.6 million viewers, smashing the previous record of 12.6 million. This was in a year where the No. 1 overall pick was a lock, leaving nearly zero anticipation in that regard.

Behold, the Coronavirus effect.