Jemele Hill Calls Patriots Draft Pick A White Supremacist For His Controversial Tattoos

Typically a kicker getting drafted isn’t major news, but a few controversial tattoos have started a bit of chatter about Patriots new kicker Justin Rohrwasser.

The Marshall place kicker was selected 159 overall Saturday and though there was no highlights available for ESPN to show on their telecast of the draft, fans who looked Rohrwasser’s photos noticed a particular tattoo on his arm that shows support for a far-right, militarist group with resistance to government.

That tattoo depicts the Three Percenters symbol, which Rohrwasser said he got because he has a lot of family members in the military.

The Three Percenters group says that while they aren’t an anti-government militia, they “will defend ourselves when necessary.”

“Obviously, it evolved into something that I do not want to represent and when I look back at it, I should have done way more research before I put any mark or symbol on my body,” Rohrwasser told USA Today. “It is not something I ever want to represent, so it will be covered.”

Perhaps as equally as controversial herself, former ESPN analyst Jemele Hill labeled Rohrwasser a “white supremacist” on Twitter Sunday, and she’s not the only one saying the same.