Photo Of Alex Smith’s Mangled Leg Days After Surgery Is Absolutely Gruesome & Horrifying

Back in 2018, Alex Smith suffered one of the most gruesome injuries football has ever seen when his leg was for lack of a better term, destroyed, during a sack against the Texans.

As if a compound fracture wasn’t devastating enough, the Redskins quarterback fell victim to ravage post-op infections that, along with the reconstruction, required a whopping 17 operations.

A newly released photo of Smith’s leg four days after the initial surgery shows just how gruesome the infection was.

Smith, who was more than lucky to not lose his leg, was left in a wheelchair and crutches with a leg brace complete with rods going through his bones for eight months.

ESPN will be airing a documentary about Alex Smith and all that has transpired along with the injury titled Project 11. It will air on May 1.