Roger Goodell Gives Super Bowl Tickets To Doctor Who Almost Hung Up Because He Was Too Busy

In this unprecedented time, even the NFL is doing what they can to help out those in need of a boost of morale, which including giving a few on the front line of fighting COVID-19 a memory they’ll never forget.

Dr. Hazim El-Haddad answered a random FaceTime call Saturday while on the job at a hospital, and nearly hung up on the caller due to being to busy…until he realized he was talking to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The part Ravens fan, part interventional cardiologist owns a permanent seat license at M&T Bank Stadium so he can watch is Ravens play, and even wears his team’s hat everyday on the job. Doc was then thanked for all he was doing for his community by Goodell, and given Super Bowl tickets for the big game next season.