Bucs Coach Bruce Arians Throws Tom Brady Under Bus, Says Mistakes Were His Fault

The alleged slowly-growing rift between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick was likely a large player into Brady making the decision to move on from New England, but the QB might be missing his former coach’s style of taking full blame right about now.

Tom Brady started off his career with a new team for the first time in nearly two decades with a beautiful drive capped off with a signature Brady punch in touchdown at the goal line.

It all went down hill from there. Brady ended up throwing two interceptions, one of which was a Pick-6.

Following the game, instead of accepting blame (whether true or untrue) as most football coaches do, Bruce Arians threw Brady under the bus, specifically saying both interceptions where his fault. One interception came on a play drawn up by Arians that MAYBE Patrick Mahomes could have completed, not a 43-year-old QB.


Arians then went even further and said Brady played much differently in the teams Week 1 game than we did in practice.