Donald Trump Declares Football “Boring As Hell” During Nevada Rally

With the November 3rd Presidential Election rapidly approaching, Donald Trump is making his way across the country in efforts of securing another four years in office. One of those stops included a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada Sunday night, the same night as the NFL’s opening Sunday.

Despite Trump’s his stance on pleading for colleges to bring back football a short time ago, he has seemed to flip flop his tune.

With some NFL players and teams opting to demonstrate during the National Anthem on opening weekend earlier that Sunday, Trump declared football “boring as hell” while on stage to the applause of the crowd.

Trump of course has a long history with the NFL, with a war against the league stemming from when Trump launched a bid to purchase the Buffalo Bills in 2014 but failed.


Perhaps the President’s stance on helping American business don’t apply when talking about the NFL, a league full of some of the largest American business who provide jobs for millions across the country.