Ryan Fitzpatrick Says He Was “Shocked & Heartbroken” When Told He Was Being Demoted

As Tua Tagovailoa took the field for the first time his NFL career at the tail end of a blowout win against the Jets Sunday, the camera panned to Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was happier than anyone on Miami’s sideline, hyping up the crowd to root on the rookie and hopeful savior of the franchise.

The veteran’s reaction may have been a bit different if he knew it would likely be the last snaps he would take in a ‘Phins uniform.

Fitzpatrick first heard the news that Tua would be getting the go in the Dolphins Week 8 game following their bye week via text message from a friend. He was later called into head coach Brian Flores’ office for the official news.

Fitz, who is regularly called ‘Fitzmagic’ as of late for his seemingly random sparks and outbursts of Hall of Fame-level play, sat down with the media Wednesday and if course was asked about how he took the news personally, which is difficult to hear.

Fitzpatrick lead the Dolphins to a 3-3 record in the first 6 games of the season, playing tremendously in the final two against the 49ers and Jets.

He has not asked for a trade.