Masses Of Bills Fans Donate To Lamar Jackson’s Charity After Concussion & Playoff Defeat

It seems as if a large majority fo fans whose favorite teams are eliminated from the NFL playoffs now have a rooting interest in the Buffalo Bills, and a big reason for that is their fans.

With some of the bets in the NFL, Bills fans have stood the test of four Super Bowl losses without a win and decades of miserable football. Combine that with their hilarious antics and generosity, and who wouldn’t want to see the Bills win the big one.

Just two wins away now, the Bills took out the Ravens Saturday, knocking Lamar Jackson out of the game in doing so.

Out of respect for Jackson and a good fight by the Ravens, Bills fans came out and donated to Jackson’s charity.

After less than 24 hours, the total donations reached $150,000.

Well done, Bills mafia.