Dallas Cowboys Are Rumored Team To Watch For Blockbuster Trade For Russell Wilson

This entire situation has come together so fast.

On Super Bowl Sunday, a report surfaced that teams have been contacting the Seattle Seahawks to inquire about the availability of the team’s franchise quarterback — Russell Wilson.

A day later, Wilson went on record to state that he was frustrated of being hit so much behind an offensive line that allows him to be the one of the most-hit quarterbacks in the NFL, adding that he wanted to be involved more in personnel decisions.

Pro Football Talk addressed the idea of Russell Wilson being traded this offseason and actually suggested the Dallas Cowboys would be a team to look out for:


“Keep an eye on the Cowboys. That’s a team that has been on the radar screen as a potential Wilson destination for a while. And it actually makes plenty of sense for 2022, if the Cowboys can’t reach a long-term deal with Dak Prescott.”