Daughter Of Lombardi Trophy Silversmith Livid Over Tom Brady Throw, Demanding Apology

Tom Brady’s best completion of the season wasn’t one that occurred in the Super Bowl, but rather after it.

The seven-time champ went viral after he threw the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to his tight end Cameron Brate…who was on another boat during the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl parade last week.

Although Bucs fans loved it, one person wasn’t too thrilled watching Brady’s antics. The daughter of the silversmith who creates the Lombardi Trophy livid over what she saw.

Lorraine Grohs, whose father Greg Grohs, crafted the first Lombardi when he was the master silversmith at Tiffany and Company from 1967 to 1994. Lorraine said the throw insulted her family’s legacy.

Brady throwing the trophy wasn’t the first time a player had a little fun with it. Years ago Gronk notoriously put a giant dent into the Patriots sixth Lombardi after using it to bunt a ball prior to parading it around Fenway park.

Wait until she finds out what hockey players do with the Stanley Cup…